Twitter: As our twitter account, which reflects the whole world of fashion, says: Top fashion babes of the fashion industry are all at INDUSTRIAL BABES, also a printed fashion paper to come. Oslo, Berlin, Sydney To this we can add: not just fashion babes, but also fashion items. Industrial Babes as fashion paper is independent on any particular fashion brand but we make no secret of the fact that, as part of the Yoga4d:VRGM private company concept, we also [plan to] create our own fashion items for >Avenuege shops. While Avenuege products also have a representation here, Industrial Babes has as editorial policy not to favour unduly our own products but display competing products and make use of them in editorials etc without the slightest hesitation. Industrial Babes as paper also invites advertisements from the whole fashion business and indeed for all exciting quality products of some relevance to a broad and fashionable audience. Industrial Babes. Fashion paper. Gradually realized, these are the steps ahead: STEP 1: Original photography of fashionable faces etc provided at this website and at the Twitter account. STEP 2: This photography sorted in the form of digital galleries. STEP 3: A digital slim but very fashionable and elegant free PDF magazine. STEP 4: A digital solid very fashionable and elegant free PDF magazine. STEP 5: The same, with extra content added, in commercially sold paper magazine form; the digital PDF magazine is sustained, here on the website, and with archives. Industrial Babes is, like Avenuege, part of Yoga4d:VRGM, Oslo etc. The phrase "Industrial Babes" in a magazine context and any logos shown are among the trademarks-enforced-by-use which are copyright the originator and his private company Yoga4d von Reusch Gamemakers, with Norwegian registration number 985230560. Look forward to Industrial Babes events in the seasons to come! Contact email: Editor: S.R.Weber TWIT:industrialbabes INSTA:berlinib