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ib....pdf holds pdf magazines,
images.. folders holds all
photos for rebloggers:
please acknowledge published
BERLiNiB photos properly, thanks!
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 ib20b.pdf 2019-11-09 11:51 4.9MBERLiNiB magazine
 ib20a.pdf 2019-10-28 22:37 7.9MBERLiNiB magazine
 9999bloggerinfo..>2019-07-31 20:30 5.0KUseful info

The 9999..txt file has text
that describes how to acknowledge,
when you reblog. If you use
a phone, zoom that text up.
Copyrights apply for all
published photos as stated
within the BERLiNiB magazine;
rebloggers can use photos
in respectful contexts when they
give proper acknowledgements.
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