Home to main page of BERLiNiB Fashion magazine, BERLiNiB.com: BERLiNiB Employee Info This page, www.berlinib.com/berlinib_employee_info has in it essential company information and also information as to how BERLiNiB gives freelance salary to individuals in other countries than the country of origin of BERLiNiB, namely Norway. The first part is chiefly information to tax officials in these other countries. The second part is information to new freelance employees as to what information is required from them to be correctly registered as freelancers for BERLiNiB with the Norwegian State's online tax forms.
Those who contribute to the BERLiNiB magazine in a way that involves us paying them a salary are registered as employees, initially of a freelance type, so that they can legally receive salary for the work they do eg via PayPal or Western Union. See full formal info and info about structure of activity of this company at the bottom of this page, which is exclusively form employees of BERLiNiB, also freelancers, and for tax officials for other countries who wants information about the structure of BERLiNiB legal payments of salary. In general BERLiNiB, which only comes three times pr year and with a limited number of pages, does not need to employ many. In general, relative to most countries including Australia, India, EU states etc, there is a tax agreement between Norway and these countries, so that no double tax on salaries have to be paid. Relative to these countries, BERLiNiB registers salaries as paid to the employees in the Norwegian state forms on the assumption that employees pay tax on income as received from a foreign company (rather than paying tax to the Norwegian state). For additional information about the Norwegian state and its tax forms please consult https://altinn.no/en/
New freelancers are registered in the Norwegian State's online tax pages by us in BERLiNiB. Some of these pages, esp. info pages, are available without login. The central place is called 'AltInn' (literally, "all in"). Norwegian Tax State page: https://altinn.no/en/ And on page 9 to 10 in an AltInn document, we can read about what info is required info about an employee to legally receive international salary: PDF Document from Norwegian State The key information on page 9 is found here: In sum, what is required for you as a new employee in BERLiNiB to send BERLiNiB, so that the registration online form becomes completed, is this: * Name, as in passport * Freely selected any one of these four numbers: 1) Passport number 2) Social security number 3) Tax id number 3) Value added tax id number * And date of birth. Note: If you often work as a freelancer for various companies across the world, you may find, at least in some countries, that it is an easier process to have your own company and send an invoice from it. Let it be said clearly that you as employee does not have to register anything in any online form at all. What you have to do is to send the above information to the founder at berlinib @ aol . com and he, as owner of the company, records this data alongside any payment to you. You will get a summary of payments to you at year's end and this you will describe in your own tax schemas as 'salary received in a foreign country'. Since the sums for freelance work for a magazine that only comes 3 times pr year, with a moderate number of pages, is not sizable compared to what a fulltime job can give, it is normally not necessary at all to prepay tax of these sums.
BERLiNiB, as at berlinib dot com, is a fashion magazine which is freely available for all in PDF quality form at berlinib dot com, berlinib.com, which refers to www.industrialbabes.com. The two letters 'ib' originally was an abbreviation of 'IndustrialBabes'. Eventually the concept of 'Berlin'+'IB' melted into its present single brand name, which is strongly represented on instagram at @berlinib. BERLiNiB: A QUALITY ISSN-REGISTERED DIGITAL FREE PUBLICATION BERLiNiB is a worldwide English-speaking fashion magazine produced by the founding editor's private company which is formally located in Oslo, Norway publishing company: Yoga4d von Reusch Gamemakers, which is Norwegian organisation number 985230560 with formal mail address Postboks 1046 Hoff, 0218 Oslo, Norway. The founding editor is Stein Henning Reusch, whose artist name is Aristo Tacoma. A contact email is berlinib @ aol . com. More information is found in the main page of the magazine, namely www.berlinib.com, including in the PDF magazines that open when you click on one of the covers.
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