To main page of BERLiNiB: BERLiNiB Copyright Info The BERLiNiB Fashion Magazine, as is stated within the editorial page, is copyright its owner and publisher. The photos and the surrounding editorial are made available in preview form to model including any representatives the model may have when under eighteen, and only when these approve fully of the editorial including all the photos and how the model is named and referred to, will the editorial go ahead and be part of the published magazine, which naturally cannot be in any way even slightly altered after the publication time, which is in the middle of January, the middle of May, and the middle of September each year. There is no editing in any way of any magazine that has been stamped 'PUBLISHED' on page 2, and the online PDF magazine and its derivatives such as auto-translations are permanently available after this point, and the photos can be used according to copyrights of the magazine, the photographers and so on. Each published photo can be reposted by anyone in respectful contexts given proper acknowledgements. An info-text about this is provided within the directory section. The directory section (at the main page) has all the individual photos for each of the published BERLiNiB magazines. Models, photographers and writers also have copyrights to all published and 'on the set' photos in connection with published articles and photo editorials, and right to republish and repost in any respectful context including commercial ones. The right to reproduction in commercial contexts apply, on request, to all on the team and in studios etc, for all published and 'on the set' and 'backstage' photos. The company publishing BERLiNiB, and having all its copyrights, is privately owned by the founding editor. It is called Yoga4d von Reusch Gamemakers, sometimes shortened to Yoga4d:VRGM. Related trademarks include Avenuege, Genifun, Industrial Babes, Yoga4d, and Yoga6d. This is a privately owned company by Stein H Reusch, artist name Aristo Tacoma. The whole magazine eg in its PDF form can be redistributed by anyone when they distribute further for free, or rather for free, and in a respectable context. Permission is also granted, on the condition of clear acknowledgement of source and photographers and contributors such as models, to reproduce samples on social media in the way typically done for magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, W etc. The normal copyright agreements holds, in that any original content made for the magazine is copyright the magazine but that the photographers and writers also have copyright of their contributions and right to control further use beyond the typical use by the magazine in such as reprints etc. Such contexts include educational settings. Samples of photos can be reproduced at fashion blog sites with reference to the name "BERLiNiB" included, and pref. also "" or "". BERLiNiB can and will reproduce the photos in each published BERLiNiB in other respectful contexts whether as books or in online form, as part of apps, presentations, art etc, without having to ask anyone for permission, not even if there is a commercial aspect involved. This is the premise for participation in the creation of BERLiNiB content. BERLiNiB, though a play on the city word "Berlin" and on the main letters of "Industrial Babes", is playfully re-interpreted to mean "Being, Liberation and Nibbling" and that phrase forms part of the BERLiNiB brand.