Main page of BERLiNiB: Making of an Editorial via ECD ECD: Editorial Content Description, a creative alternative to moodboards Background. Through a century of sometimes wildly popular fashion magazines across the world, roles which sometimes were rather heaped on top of one another in one creative, skilled person have been separated into various compartments. The making of a good fashion editorial was almost always the result of group-work, but in the past decades, this group-work has had the feature of being split into a great number of stiff roles. For instance, in a some fashion magazines, we find that there is not only a photographer and a make-up artist and one or more models, but also typically a dozen other people involved-- not just as assistants to the above, but having various pre-assigned roles that sometimes overlap and that tear apart the wholeness and render into a committee work where a group voice matters more than artistic integrity. To this fragmentation often goes overuse of computer techniques, which, however convincing to some at the moment, and when viewed on tiny screens, cannot compete with the authenticity of a well-prepared photo moment done with intact artistic nerve. To enforce an artificial wholeness from above, the imitiation of images of the past is sought via the alluring term 'moodboard', which is a sheer denial of the creative nature of a good photo session. In contrast to this, at BERLiNiB we have never used moodboards (at most single photos to illustrate a point in image rather than mere words). Instead, we use words: because words are compatible with a creative and vaster set of resulting photos for the editorial. Gradually a more and more concrete description, but not too concrete, is built up: the Editorial Content Description, or ECD. After the ECD, the photo session takes place. After this, a very creative after-period in which excellent photos are picked from a huge collection, subject to approval of the model, or, in case of a model being under 18, her parent or company representative. After this, the editorial is composed as a whole process, and the extra photos are also provided to the model for her portfolio, for free further use.