Main page of BERLiNiB: 'Just a thing done in the fashion business'--the thing called acknowledgements --not always, but when collaboration is good, and integrity high! BERLiNiB always asks for a @berlinib reference in instagram, or a reference when photos taken from a photo session organized by BERLiNiB are posted. This is not about strict rules: we do not absolutely require it. We simply say: it is in good taste; we like it. Ignore it if you wish, but it is in the spirit of good communication and high integrity in the fashion business to refer often. Now why? Why do we ask that such as a backstage photo, or a photo taken during one of the BERLiNiB editiorial photo sessions eg by someone's private phone gets references to @berlinib or when posted? Surely that which is taken by own phone is owned by the photographer? But in the fashion business, style is capital; future style is even more capital; and an idea that conceptualizes a future style elegantly on a model is still more capital. So that is one reason: to acknowledge origins--yes, BERLiNiB suggested such and such colors for such and such production with such and such types of clothes, and such and such poses. Another reason is: the Deja Vu effect--'have I not seen this before?' And any magazine that only publishes original photos made for it naturally would like 'pre-versions' of these photos through other people's cameras who were present to indicate, yes, this is for such-and-such magazine; and when the magazine, a month or two later, begins to show this, people who have seen the earlier form will nod and not wonder whether this in fact came from somewhere else.