Main page of BERLiNiB: 'Your agency? What's that?!' BERLiNiB editorial principle: MODEL QDC, or Model QUALITY DIRECT COMMUNICATION, to plan every aspect of an editorial whether or not she has a contract with an agency [In sum: We don't contact any agencies; the model might call on the agency to serve her the purpose of sending an invoice--that's as far as we can go in bringing in third parties.] Put simply, we don't do slow emails through a third party but we engage in direct texting or communicating with the first party, because we need the speed and quality, and, importantly, feeling of direct communication with the model rather than the friction of a secretary who relegates tasks to a model in a second-hand fashion. All the informal aspects of working with the model must be directly between BERLiNiB and the model. The approval of the resulting photos can be through a representative: fine, but all the action up to it, and the further respectful use of these photos in an editorial must be regarded as a whole artistic process in which quality communication with the model, and artistic freedom, are leitmotifs. Any formal aspect such as pay can be handled through third parties if that is called for: but the artistic creation of a good fashion editorial is a result of genuine spirit and co-laboration through direct communication.