Home to main page of BERLiNiB Fashion magazine, BERLiNiB.com: Our BERLiNiB editorial principle: MODEL QDC, Model QUALITY DIRECT COMMUNICATION --quality direct communication in order to plan every aspect of an editorial whether or not she has a contract with an agency
Background. It is a common principle of creative artists that they like to work directly with their medium, and that they regard the quality of the process--which, as eg in the case of Picasso,-- includes the quality of communication with the model, as part of that which ensures the quality of result. The quality of communication involves direct communication of a type that has as a kind of shared 'frequency' about it, without too much delay, without too much of the formalities of a profession. At the same time, this communication process must of course honor good principles of work and dignity at all levels for all involved. In BERLiNiB we only style and photograph a model when there is just this: quality direct communication with the model. This communication arises easily in the modern world of technology eg through Instagram DM. We have found the following a superb good principle: all the informal aspects of working with the model must be directly between BERLiNiB and the model. If she wants to, she can direct a pay to take place to an agency with which she has a contract and with which BERLiNiB also can have an agreement, from one editorial to the next, and the agency pays her after deducting their fee. We are fine with that. We are also fine with the fact that an agency can also act as an adviser to the model and say, "Yes, this seems to be good for your career as a fashion model" as to certain magazine contexts, for instance. We do not however consider it meaningful to talk content with an agency. All that we leave to the communication between model and agency. As far as BERLiNiB is concerned, an agency is merely a tool the model is calling on in order to provide an invoice for the agreed-upon sum between herself and BERLiNiB. We have no other contact with agencies, whether about the editorial content or about the surrounding circumstances, such as the dates etc. All that we do directly with the model--the date eg for the meeting in the studio with the make-up artist, and the meeting earlier on, eg in the same week or even the same day, to find the appropriate shoes and clothes. We communicate to her about the editorial content, not with an agency; we leave it to her to convey to us whether we have an agreement or not, rather than communicating with an agency. In that way, the quality communication with the model is preserved throughout. Aristo Tacoma June 2019