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Zoom in on an underlined text line,
and tap/click on it to open/save, eg
.pdf = Adobe PDF format, eg magazine
.jpg .png .gif = image files
.zip = a package, save to own disks
.txt = unformatted plain text info
007_rebloggerinfo.txt 2024:04:28 4.96kb
ib21a.pdf 2023:09:18 16.17mb
ib21a_hires.pdf 2023:09:18 20.98mb
ib21b.pdf 2023:09:18 14mb
ib21b_hires.pdf 2023:09:18 26.43mb
ib21c.pdf 2023:09:18 20.87mb
ib21c_hires.pdf 2023:09:18 31.17mb