The TEST OF LAYOUT cover: while we work towards the first BERLiNiB,
	we sometimes temporarily use photos from other sources; in this case you find the
	photo at the cover fully acknowledged recently at our instagram account. presents BERLiNiB Fashion Magazine 3 ISSUES PR YEAR, LABELLED A, B, C; THE FIRST, COVERING JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL 2019, IS 2019/A: WE'RE RIGHT NOW WORKING ON IT!!!!! PERMANENT ARCHIVE OF ALL PREVIOUS PDF ONLINE BERLINIB MAGAZINES WILL COME HERE. Founder, editor, photographer: S.R. Weber THE FASHION INDUSTRY AND ITS MODEL BABES: BERLiNiB
Copyrights: the Yoga4d von Reusch Gamemakers (Yoga4d:VRGM) company operates the informally enforced trademarks Avenuege, Industrial Babes, Yoga4d, Yoga6d and the application of Industrial Babes as the BERLiNiB Fashion Magazine concept. The whole magazine in PDF can be redistributed by anyone in any free and respectable context. Permission is also granted, on the condition of clear acknowledgement of source and photographers and contributors such as models, to reproduce samples on social media in the way typically done for magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, W etc. The normal copyright agreements holds, in that any original content made for the magazine is copyright the magazine but that the photographers and writers also have copyright of their contributions and right to control further use beyond the typical use by the magazine in such as reprints etc. Such contexts include educational settings. Samples of photos can be reproduced at fashion blog sites with reference to the name "BERLiNiB" included, and pref. also "". THE FASHION INDUSTRY AND ITS MODEL BABES: BERLiNiB